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Recent Publications:


SLC25A51 is a mammalian mitochondrial NAD+ transporter.


Timothy S. Luongo, Jared M. Eller, Mu-Jie Lu, Marc Niere, Fabio Raith, Caroline Perry, Marc R. Bornstein, Paul Oliphint, Lin Wang, Melanie R. McReynolds, Marie E. Migaud, Joshua D. Rabinowitz, F. Brad Johnson, Kai Johnsson, Mathias Ziegler, Xiaolu A. Cambronne & Joseph A. Baur.


Nature, volume 588, pages 174–179 (2020)


Location, Location, Location: Compartmentalization of NAD+ Synthesis and Functions in Mammalian Cells.


Xiaolu A. Cambronne & W. Lee Kraus.


Trends in Biochemical Sciences, volume 45 issue 10, Pages 858-873 (2020)

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Flow Cytometry Analysis of Free Intracellular NAD+ Using a Targeted Biosensor.


Jared M. Eller, Melissa L. Stewart, Alexandria J. Slepian,  Sheila Markwardt, Jack Wiedrick, Michael S. Cohen, Richard H. Goodman, & Xiaolu A. Cambronne.


Current Protocols in Cytometry, volume 88, issue 1, e54 (2019) 

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Methods for Using a Genetically Encoded Fluorescent Biosensor to Monitor Nuclear NAD+.


Michael S. Cohen, Melissa L. Stewart, Richard H. Goodman & Xiaolu A. Cambronne.

Methods in Molecular Biology, volume 1813, pages 391-414 (2018)

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Biosensor reveals multiple sources for mitochondrial NAD⁺.



Xiaolu A. Cambronne, Melissa L. Stewart, DongHo Kim, Amber M. Jones-Brunette, Rory K. Morgan, David L. Farrens, Michael S. Cohen, & Richard H. Goodman.


Science, volume 352, issue 6292, pages 1474-1477 (2016)