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Our Undergraduates!!

Our undergraduates this semester have been amazingly dedicated to learning and developing their skills in our lab and at our lab meetings. Here's a shout out to two of them who have been awarded prodigious positions and scholarships for the summer!

Nhat Tran, a current senior who has participated in our lab for almost a year now, has been awarded the TIDES Advanced Summer Research Fellowship! He'll be continuing with us full-time in the summer, working towards his goal of eventually obtaining a PhD degree in Cancer Biology program at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. We're very proud of him!

Jesus Balderas, who joined the lab in the summer of last year, is going to have the amazing opportunity to intern at Texas Tech Health Science Center through JAMP (the Joint Admission Medical Program) at UT! He's primarily going to be shadowing and gaining insight about what it is to be a healthcare professional, and although we'll be sad not to see him in the lab over the summer, we're incredibly excited about this wonderful opportunity for him!

See more on our undergraduate members on our Team tab!!

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