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Our specialty is developing genetically-encoded fluorescent biosensors for dynamically measuring the concentrations of free metabolites in all parts of a cell.


Fluorescent measurements

  • Fluorometry

  • Ratiometric imaging

  • Fluorescent cytometry


Model systems

  • 2D and 3D mammalian cell culture

  • Primary tissue and cells

  • Mus musculus

New tools

  • Protein engineering

  • Rational design

  • fluorescence screening

  • directed evolution/selection


Examples of techniques used in lab

  • Cell and tissue culture

  • Protein expression

  • Molecular biology and DNA cloning

  • Protein purifications

  • Viral transduction

  •  qPCR

  • Western blotting

  • High-resolution imaging

  • Mammalian cell screening

  • Kinetics/enzymology

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