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               The Cambronne lab has multiple open postdoctoral positions. We are looking for highly motivated researchers to lead projects in drug development, cancer cell metabolism and fluorescent sensor development. The goals of these projects are to elucidate signaling roles of NAD in health and disease, as well as expand the repertoire of intracellular metabolite biosensors.

               Our members led the development of a genetically encoded fluorescent biosensor to obtain the first direct subcellular measurements of free NAD+ (Cambronne et al, Science 2016). We then demonstrated that a newly discovered regulator that controls mitochondrial NAD+ concentrations in human cells (Luongo et al, Nature 2020).  We are a collaborative team of creative researchers, who strive towards discoveries through innovation. Our research environment supports individual initiative and critical thinking, as well the training of future generations of scientists. We uphold a high standard in scientific rigor, and tackle challenging problems in cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry and physiology to glean insight into disease onset and progression.

Essential Functions: Lead and conduct primary research: work with PI to establish project goals, set and adhere to project timelines, perform research, prepare figures and manuscripts. Establish new protocols and collaborate with colleagues relating to lab work. Provide guidance/assistance on related projects to other lab members.


Required Qualifications: Requires a PhD in molecular biology, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, or closely related field. The PhD degree must have been received within the past three years. Prior expertise in molecular and cell biology is essential. 


Preferred Skills: Be a critical thinker; a creative problem solver; strong organizational habits; a solid work ethic; highly self-motivated and conscientious. Able to follow-through projects till completion and the ability to work with other co-workers committed to high standards.

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