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Nesha's SUPER Summer Program Experience

This summer we recruited a student part of the Summer Undergraduate Program for Experiential Research (SUPER) Summer Program, Nesha Rubin. Here's what she had to say about her experience in the SUPER Program and at the Cambronne Lab:

During my SUPER experience, I got the amazing opportunity to work with the Cambronne Lab on the development of an ADPR biosensor. Because most of my college experience was affected by COVID, I came into lab with no real hands-on biochemistry experience. Although there was a steep learning curve, I learned how to perform transfections, PCRs, western blots, etc in a few weeks. Not only did I learn how these valuable lab techniques, but I also learned how to think like a researcher. We often came across data that didn't quite make sense, and we had to use our critical thinking skills and what we learned in class to solve these problems. This experience challenged me to think outside the box and I'm thoroughly enjoying working with Dr. Cambronne and the other undergraduates on our project.

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